Shivaji is out from Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Due to Health Issues

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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Day 42 Nayani Pavani eliminated from the house.Todays episode is full of emotions everyone in the house are more closely connected to Nayani Pavani.


Shivaji went out from Bigg Boss 7 Telugu due to Health issues

Shivaji is out from the house as his health issues.He already said in todays episode that his shoulder got injured and unable to move.

Shivaji was sent to treatment if his health hasn’t recovered in  3 days he will be back if not he will be out of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu.

In season 4 Noel,Season 5 jessie went out for same reason i.e health issues.

Mostly he will be back. Let’s hope for his recovery.

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