Rathika Re-entry to Bigg Boss 7 Telugu

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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Rathika re-entry details in this article.Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 2.0 is fun and show became more interesting after 2.0.Every contestant is on fire.Rathika may enter the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu,more details below.


Bigg Boss 7 Telugu-Rathika is back 

Last week Damini,Subhashree,Rathika entered the house and appealed their reason for re entry and all the housemates voted and after voting Nagarjuna said who got least votes will enter the house as this season is ulta pulta.According to our sources Subhashree got more votes and Rathika got least votes so Rathika will enter Bigg Boss 7 Telugu.

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