Priyanka Sacrificed her Hair to Become Contender

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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Day 18.Power astra contender task going on.Shobha shetty and Yawar became contenders.It’s time for amardeep to ready for test.Priyanka said amardeep unfit for task.

So Bigg Boss gave a task for amardeep and priyanka more details below.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu:Priyanka Sacrificed her hair

Bigg Boss sent sample photos of a haircut where amardeep should cut entire hair and priyanka should cut her hair till ears.

Amardeep refused and Priyanka accepted the challenge.

As priyanka sacrificed her hair now she is contender for power astra task.

Power astra gives 2 weeks immunity this time.So,contestants will be safe from nominations.That is why yawar suffered all the punishment without lifting his chin from the stand while damini,rathika tortured him with water,ice and eggs.Power astra task begins tomorrow

Now the contenders for Power astra task are-

  1. Prince Yawar
  2. Priyanka
  3. Shobha shetty

Stay tuned for power astra task updates

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