Nagarjuna fired on contestants Sandeep battery meter down

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Day 20 of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu.Saturday episode started with full heat.Nagarjuna fired on contestants for all the scenes they’ve done this week.


Is Amardeep Playing for Priyanka?

Priyanka selected Amardeep as undeserving for contendership.Bigg Boss gave a task where priyanka agreed to cut her hair and she got a chance to participate in contender task.All good but Amardeep doesn’t asked priyanka for the reason she said for undeserving.Nagarjuna fired on amardeep for not concentrating on his game and also regarding shivaji power astra.

Sandeep-A failed Sanchalak

Sandeep failed 2 times as a sanchalak.First is with Goutham where Goutham finished the task first than Shobha.

During selection of contendership Bigg Boss asked to select weak contestants but Sandeep and Shobha selected Yawar and moved him out of the contender task.

Nagarjuna fired on sandeep for his behaviour and Sandeep battery was reduced 1 point.

Damini eliminated from the house.

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