Is Rathika targeting Shivaji?

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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Day 22,Damin evicted from the house yesterday.Nominations started with fire.Check out 4th week nominated contestants list from here.

Coming to point it’s looking like Rathika started targeting shivaji.She started discussing with Shivaji regarding his comments with Nagarjuna about Rathika and Prashanth.

During the episode Nagarjuna asked Rathika about which contestant was disturbing her the most.She replied Yawar and Prashanth diverting her from the game.

Nagarjuna asked Shivaji “who started first among Rathika and Prashanth?” Shivaji replied that both hands were together.

Discover latest news of bb7 telugu-Is Rathika targeting Shivaji?

Based on this Rathika started arguing with Shivaji regarding the words of shivaji.

Shivaji apologised to Rathika regarding these comments but she kept on discussing more like a never ending argument.Netizens commenting that Rathika started targeting shivaji.

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