Final list of contestants Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 

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Final list of Contestants of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu is here.Bigg Boss 7 Telugu is starting on September 3rd at 7:30PM.This time the show and gameplay is completely different.Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Promo says everything is “Ulta Pulta”.This article is about Final list of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Contestants.


Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Final List of Contestants

Total 21 contestants in Bigg Boss 7 Telugu.There are some popular celebrities,Serial actors,Dancers and influencers.

Nagarjuna says the show is completely different this time.

The timings are also changed where the show starts at 9:30PM and on weekdays the show starts at 9PM.Contestants list below.

List of Contestants

  1. Amardeep
  2. Ambati Arjun
  3. Actor Shivaji
  4. Kranthi
  5. Actor prabhakar
  6. Shoba Shetty
  7. Prince yawar 
  8. Aishwarya pisse
  9. Priyanka Jain
  10.  Actress Farzana
  11.  Actress Shakeela
  12. Sai ketan rao
  13. Tasty teja
  14. Subhashree
  15. Bhole shavali
  16. Pallavi Prashanth
  17. Damini Bhatla
  18. Aata sandeep 
  19. Anchor pratyusha
  20. Nikhilu vijayendra Simha
  21. Ritika Nayak

These 21 Contestants are 100% confirmed.Stay tuned for more updates

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