Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Who Will Claim the Ultimate Title?

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Bigg Boss Telugu is the world’s biggest reality show.Bigg Boss 7 Telugu started with a grand launch.It created sensational records of all time.Total 14 contestants entered the house still 4-5 contestants will enter through wild card entry.It’s 3rd week for the show already 2 contestants eliminated.Now there are 12 contestants in the house.


Bigg Boss 7 Telugu-Ulta Pulta

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu is ulta pulta which means the entire rules of the show were changed and bigg boss may change any rules at any time.This time the house is divided into 2 categories one is housemates and other is contestants.The contestants need to win the task and become housemates.The housemates will have new deluxe room and other benefits whereas contestants still need to wait for other opportunity.

Shivaji and Sandeep became housemates of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu.

They also won the power astra which gives 4 weeks immunity to sandeep master and 3 weeks immunity to Shivaji.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu:Who will claim the title?

There are 12 contestants in the house now.Still more contestants will enter the house in coming weeks.Lets see who will win the show.

1.Priyanka Jain

Priyanka jain is the first contestant who entered the bigg boss 7 telugu house.she is playing well in the house.Priyanka actively participating in all the tasks and kitchen works in the house.

She also maintaining healthy relation with all other housemates


Amardeep is performing well in Bigg Boss telugu 7.He is entertaining the audience.He also stole shivaji powerastra which shocked all other contestants.Amardeep is a tough competitor he might enter top 5 of bigg boss 7 telugu


Shivaji is the senior most contestant in the house after shakila.Although shakila evicted now shivaji is senior contestant in the house.he knows how to play the game very well.Shivaji is good at controlling emotions and Mind games.He also maintaining healthy relation with every contestant,Shivaji also supporting Pallavi Prashanth in a good way.Shivaji might win the title.

4.Pallavi Prashanth

Pallavi Prashanth is the strongest contestant in the house among all the 12 because he has a huge fan base outside.Though he is a common man compared to other contestants but his subscribers support him in a very good manner.

He also started a love track with Rathika but later he avoided her and concentrated on the game.Pallavi Prashanth has greater chances to win the title.


Rathika is very clever among all the other contestants.She knows how to play the game and how to deal with people.Rathika has strong chances to be in top 5 of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu.

Rathika and Yawar started a love track in the house.

6.Prince Yawar

Yawar is physically strongest contestant in the house.No one can beat him at physical tasks.The problem with yawar is he is not understanding telugu and taking all the complaints in the wrong way.He is very close with rathika.Yawar losing his game by arguing with each and every moment.


Sandeep is strongest contestant in the house.He won the first power astra in Bigg Boss 7 Telugu and Became first housemate of the show.Sandeep won 5 weeks immunity so he is safe for 5 weeks.He should be careful with power astra because any one can steal it.Sandeep is playing very well.He will be in top 5 if he continues to play like this.


Subhashree is not playing 100%.She hasn’t actively participated in any of the tasks till now.Contestants nominated her because of this reasons.She should improve the game play to survive in the house.

9.Shobha Shetty

The kartika deepam actress is performing well in the house.She actively participating in the tasks.Shobha should improve her game to be in the house.


Damini is an excellent contestant; she hasn’t got single nominations in the second week.Damini is performing well.She is cooking for all the housemates.She also entertaining contestants with her songs.

Damini will be in the top 5 if she continues to play like this.

11.Goutham Krishna

Goutham krishna is a doctor by profession.he is performing well in the house.He needs to improve his gameplay to be in the house.

12.Tasty Teja

Tasty Teja is the entertainer of the house.he entertains contestants and audience with his comedy,but he needs to actively participate in all the tasks to be in house.

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These are 12 contestants performing in the house, still 5 more contestants will enter the house in coming weeks.

Bigg Boss may change the rules any time stay tuned 

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