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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu started from September 3rd 2023.Total 14 contestants in the house.This article is about Bigg Boss 7 Telugu vote online live.The voting is similar to old seasons of Bigg  Boss Telugu.Nominations are done every  monday and voting will take place entire week.On weekdays i.e saturday and sunday elimination is done.On this page we’ll update voting results live.We cover Nominations,Voting Results and Elimination updates live on this Page.Here is the detailed voting process for Bigg Boss 7 Telugu.Vote for your favourite contestant from below.


Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Voting Poll

New Updates in Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Process

These 14 Contestants Entered Bigg Boss 7 Telugu
These 14 Contestants Entered Bigg Boss 7 Telugu

With season 7 of Bigg Boss Telugu voting process is changed. You can only vote 1 vote i.e one vote through missed call and one vote through hotstar voting.Detailed voting process below.

5th Week Nominated contestants

  1. Teja
  2. Goutham
  3. Amardeep
  4. Priyanka
  5. Shivaji
  6. Yawar
  7. Subhashree

4th week eliminated contestant

  • Rathika

4th Week Nominated Contestants

  1. Rathika
  2. Subhashree
  3. Goutham Krishna
  4. Prince Yawar
  5. Tasty Teja
  6. Priyanka 

3rd Week Eliminated contestant

  • Damini

3rd Week Nominated Contestants

  • Amardeep
  • Goutham
  • Prince Yawar
  • Rathika
  • Damini
  • Subhashree
  • Priyanka

2nd Week Eliminated Contestant

  • Shakila

2nd Week Nominated Contestants

  1. Amardeep
  2. Shobha Shetty
  3. Damini
  4. Rathika
  5. Pallavi Prashanth
  6. Shivaji

1st Week Eliminated Contestant

  • Kiran Rathore

1st week nominated contestants

  • Goutham krishna
  • Rathika
  • Shakeela
  • Shobha Shetty
  • Pallavi Prashanth
  • Damini
  • Prince Yawar
  • Kiran Rathod

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Voting process

The voting process of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu is here.There are 3 methods available for voting your favourite Bigg Boss 7 Telugu contestant.

1.Hotstar Voting

 Hotstar is official streaming partner for Bigg Boss 7 Telugu.Here is the process to vote from Hotstar Follow these steps to vote in Hotstar

  1. Download and Install Hotstar from Google play store
  2. You don’t need to have subscription but login is asked
  3. Search Bigg Boss 7 Telugu
  4. Official page of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu will appear
  5. Select your favourite contestant and vote
  6. You’ll have 1 vote per day
  7. Vote for your favourite contestant

2.Missed call voting

This method of voting is through call where you should dial a number to vote follow the steps

  1. Note down the missed call number of your favourite contestant
  2. Dial the number 
  3. It’ll automatically hangs up 
  4. Now your vote is registered
  5. You can vote only one contestant through one number

3.Online voting (Google)

This method is most popular.Follow the steps to vote

  1. Google search the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Vote
  2. There is a snippet of current week nominated contestants
  3. Select your favourite contestant
  4. Vote for your favourite contestant
  5. You’ll have 1 vote per day.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu vote for your favourite contestants through the process listed above.

We’ll update the Nominations,Voting results and Eliminations on this page.

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