Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Winner-Pallavi Prashanth

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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Winner is Pallavi Prashanth.Finally the winner update is here Pallavi Prashanth is winner of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu.More details below.


Pallavi Prashanth-Winner of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu

Pallavi Prashanth is the winner.First Priyanka eliminated and then Arjun.Shivaji is at 3rd position.

Title battle between Amardeep and pallavi Prashanth.

Pallavi Prashanth became the winner of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu.

Amardeep is Runner up.

I congratulate Pallavi Prashanth for his win.He entered the show as a common man and finally lifted the title.

He also promised that he’ll donate all his prize money to poor farmers.

The Bigg Boss 7 Telugu ended.

Thank you all.

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