Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Creates Sensational Records-All Time High Numbers

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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu became sensational.It’s grand launch was the biggest plus for its growth.The increase in numbers shows that this season has a spectacular rise in audience.The grand launch episode has 3 crore plus views.This number shows tremendous love of audience towards the show.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu numbers created a sensation.Total 51 million views.First week of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu is a huge sensational hit.We can see a significant rise in audience in coming weeks.

This show gathered lots of audience on Star Maa as well as Hotstar.As per reports 1 in every 2 people watched Bigg Boss 7 Telugu.

The 24/7 streaming is on hotstar which is gaining huge response from the audience.

As Nagarjuna said, this season is Ulta Pulta.There might be wild card entries in the middle weeks.

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