5th Week Voting Results Bigg Boss 7 Telugu

4.8/5 - (6 votes)

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 5th week voting results in this article.Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 2.0 grand launch on october 8th check out wild card contestants list from here.5th week voting results below.


Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 5th Week Voting Results

Total 7 contestants in nominations.Voting results are here.These are unofficial voting results but it’s the same fans vote on every platform,so we can predict the danger zone contestant with these voting percentages.

5th week voting results

  1. Sivaji: 53% (106,000 votes)
  2. Prince Yawar: 13% (26,000 votes)
  3. Amardeep: 11% (22,000 votes)
  4. Tasty Teja: 10% (20,000 votes)
  5. Gautham Krishna: 6% (12,000 votes)
  6. Subhashree: 4% (8,000 votes)
  7. Priyanka: 3% (6,000 votes)

Vote for Your favourite contestant from here

Shivaji got highest number of votes.

5th Week Danger Zone Contestants

Subhashree and Priyanka are in Danger zone.One of them may eliminate this week.

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