5 Contestants Out of Ticket to Finale Race

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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Latest Update 5 Contestants out of ticket to finale race.Total 9 tasks happened for ticket to finale and 5 contestants are out of race till now.More details below.


Ticket to finale-5 Contestants out of Race

The ticket finale winners will directly move to Finale as it’s the final weeks of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu. It’s crucial for every contestant to focus and win these tasks.Till now these 5 contestants are out of ticket to finale race

5 contestants out of ticket to finale race

  1. Gautham
  2. Yawar
  3. Shivaji
  4. Shobha
  5. Priyanka

Amardeep,Prashanth and Arjun are still in race.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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