3rd Week Voting Results Bigg Boss 7 Telugu

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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 3rd week voting results in this article.Total 7 contestants in nominations.Every contestant in Bigg Boss 7 Telugu is on fire.Nominations went trending everywhere. voting results are here check below.


Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 3rd Week Voting Results

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 3rd week voting results are here.7 contestants in nominations.Audience voting on different platforms these are unofficial voting results but it’s the same people who vote on every platform,So we can predict the danger zone contestants.The one who gets least votes will be eliminated from the house.

The voting completely depends on the contestant’s play and performance in the house.The one who has more fans will get more votes.

3rd Week Voting Results

  1. Amardeep: 31% (31,000 votes)
  2. Prince Yawar: 21% (22,000 votes)
  3. Priyanka: 14% (14,000 votes)
  4. Rathika: 12% (11,000 votes)
  5. Goutham Krishna: 11% (11,000 votes)
  6. Subhashree: 6% (6,000 votes)
  7. Damini: 4% (4,000 votes)

3rd week eliminated contestant

Damini eliminated from the house

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